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As a Soap Public Media partner, you can empower people and improve contextual thinking. They’ll thank you for it.  

1. Share our tools

Soap Public Media’s website and apps can help improve understanding of

  • An important cause or movement
  • A multi-faceted organization
  • Media trends

2. Customize Soap

Soap Public Media technology is available under license for use in classrooms or by communities, companies, and causes.   

Use Soap technology to present topics as they’re bubbling up from different perspectives.

3. Do good, do well

By supporting Soap Public Media, you’re aligning with important values of trust and building a more-informed citizenry. Partners who promote and distribute Soap products on their digital channels and in real life receive our undying gratitude.

Plus, acknowledgment in our communications.

Love our mission?

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Soap Public Media is a non-profit with a robust platform that supports a vision for bringing trusted sources, clarity and context to youth.

With Soap, users get the issues first then they get a broad range of perspectives for every issue — not the noise or personalized bias inherent in “What’s Trending” in social media, or the possible slant of getting all their news from one news service.

The Soap Public Media team is experienced in journalism, education, design and technology. We combine humans with AI to insure the integrity and quality of Soap.

We need your support to realize this vision, improve the behind-the-scenes efforts and the experience of using Soap.

Please make a donation today or, if you prefer, contact us to discuss a contribution.


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