Soap has an exclusive list of verified sources.
You get to learn about issues from their perspectives.

News media, editors, producers, reporters, commentators. 


Scientists, social scientists, other scholars and researchers. 


Business executives, companies, industry groups and the people who work for them. 


Politicians in and out of office, advisors and tacticians. 



Celebrities and entertainers, writers and artists, outspoken athletes. 



Advocates for change of all sorts, from think tanks, NGO’s and lobbying groups.


Check it out.

1. First you select a group of verfied sources like scientists, politicians, or celebrities to see what’s most important to them.

2. Pop a bubble to dive into an issue.

3. Slide through the groups again –  to see what they each think about that issue.


The scrub cycle.

Soap uses artificial intelligence to read and sort thousands upon thousands of stories recommended by our verified sources to identifying key topics across “perspectives.”

We identify issues important to them all. And important ideas and emerging trends that are easy to overlook amid the drama of the big headlines.

Decide what makes sense.

We bring what’s bubbling up online, so you know what’s what. Swipe through Soap. Skim for highlights, dive for detail. 
All in a few pops.

Soak it up.

Now you know what’s happening.
You decide what’s next.

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With Soap, users get the issues first then they get a broad range of perspectives for every issue — not the noise or personalized bias inherent in “What’s Trending” in social media, or the possible slant of getting all their news from one news service.

The Soap Public Media team is experienced in journalism, education, design and technology. We combine humans with AI to insure the integrity and quality of Soap.

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