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Our immediate funding needs include:

  • Hiring full-time, experienced editorial staff.
  • Curriculum programs for middle schools, high schools, & journalism schools
  • Underserved communities outreach
  • Production for YouTube, Snap, and other pro-bono placement

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Checks & Wires: Please make checks out to “Project Sapphire DBA Soap Public Media” and mail to the address below. Wire instructions as follows:


ABA/Routing Number: 321081669 Swift Code: FRBBUS6s
Beneficiary Bank Account#:80004058962

Stock Gifts: Transfer to DTC 0443. Account Number 33L 166957 Registration of Project Sapphire Corp.

Grants from Donor Advised Funds: Kindly contact us at to donate.

About Project Sapphire doing business as Soap Public Media

We anticipate our pending IRS 501c3 federal tax exemption will be approved by year-end 2018 and will qualify as tax-deductible to you. While we do not expect any issues at this time, if the IRS delays our application, donations made now may not be tax-deductible until 2019. If you need to be assured that your donation will be tax exempt in 2018 versus 2019, your donation can be processed through our Fiscal Sponsor 501c3, who will transfer all funds to us immediately for a fee. For more information, please contact

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