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See what Physicists are saying about Life on Mars.

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Why Soap?

Media with manners.

The Soap Public Media team – whether from journalism, education, design or tech – shares one obsession: How can we better connect people with what’s happening, so they can make informed choices?    

From the start, we’ve built Soap to avoid what’s in the way, like fake stuff and trolling. Then we delve deeper into what’s important.

We use artificial intelligence to listen to not just news providers, but also the voices of thousands of change advocates and leaders across politics, science, business, education, and culture. From YouTube stars to think tanks.

Soap Public Media surfaces the major issues that matter to them and delivers a wide mix of coverage and views about those topics. You can go as deep or as broad as you want. Just keep popping the bubbles.


We geek out so you don‘t have to.

As news junkies of every persuasion, we also devour as many sources as we can about ideas, issues and events. But what are we missing? We task technology to fix the challenges created by technology.

Soap Public Media is a non-profit effort from people who believe we all need a smarter way to make sense of what’s going on.


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