The impact of clarity.

Soap Public Media wants to help people make sense of what’s happening. The search for truth and understanding has always been a difficult challenge, and the recent advent of misinformation has added yet another obstacle on our way to transparency.

Civic dialogue is the first step towards a healthy democracy. We believe meaningful conversations start when everyone shares a sense of trust in the information presented.  

Soap Public Media’s team, with backgrounds in media and technology, are starting the conversation. Together, we hope to inspire young adults – the stakeholders of our future – to do the following:

Learn what’s going on.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Change also doesn’t happen by chance. We believe the first step to solving a problem is understanding it.

Our goal is to make it easier for users to get the big picture fast. No ads, no filters – just what matters.

Know the sources. Avoid sponsored content, misinformation and clickbait.

We verify media sources and authors by researching trustworthy organizations and databases of reputable professional identities.

While we do our part to only include reliable sources and authors, we let users think for themselves when engaging with the content itself. We want everyone to make it a habit to stay tuned to current events and critically assess who brings the information to them.

Challenge their perspectives. Broaden their view of the world.

Users can learn about important worldly events through the lens of experts from a diversity of fields. From scientists to celebrities, users learn how to look at a problem in a multi-faceted way.

After all, the world is closer to gray than it is black and white.

Know what’s right. It’s the first step for standing up.

We want to empower users to discover topics that spark their own curiosity and passion. Everyone deserves to learn more about what matters to them and to know their interests matter.

Help us realize the vision.

“It’s my dream scenario to have a place where I can trust the sources and know that I can see all different points of view.”
India, Age 16

Soap Public Media is a non-profit (501c3) with a robust platform that supports a vision for bringing trusted sources, clarity and context directly to youth through the Soap app for iOS , Soap on the Web, and Soap's News Literacy Guide & Exercises for journalism, social and media literacy programs in universities & high schools.

With Soap, users get the issues first then they get a broad range of perspectives for every issue — not the noise or personalized bias inherent in “What’s Trending” in social media, or the possible slant of getting all their news from one news service.

The Soap Public Media team is experienced in journalism, education, design and technology. We combine humans with AI to insure the integrity and quality of Soap.

We need your support to realize this vision, improve the behind-the-scenes efforts and the experience of using Soap.

Please make a donation today or, if you prefer, contact us to discuss a contribution.


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