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Top 5 questions parents have about Soap

What is Soap?

 Soap Public Media helps young adults make sense of what’s happening around the world.

We understand the challenges young adults face when fake news, clickbait articles and sponsored content get in the way of discovering the truth.

Soap lets you clean out the extra buzz, so that you can discover what’s happening. With our bias-free algorithms, we gather what people are talking about on verified media platforms.

Why do teens use Soap?

 Teens are constantly searching for ways to connect.

We share what experts from a diversity of backgrounds have to say about what’s happening today. We empower teens to explore the latest news in their community and beyond.

Soap helps teens see the world for themselves – unfiltered.

What are the risks of using Soap?

Soap does not collect any personally identifiable information or data from our users. While we do gather aggregate data to help us improve our products, this information cannot be used to personally identify the user. 

How do I know Soap’s content is appropriate for my child?

Soap reflects what goes on in the real world. We believe it is important that young adults engage as citizens, so we try our best to let our users think for themselves.

If you are concerned that some content may not be age-appropriate, we suggest using Soap as a great starting place for guided conversation on what’s happening today.

How does Soap select its articles?

Simply put, we do not “select” our articles. Our editorial team searches for verified sources that uphold journalistic and academic value. We then leave it to our bias-free AI algorithms to present publicly available information from our sources. Our guidelines seek to exclude explicitly commercial content and harmful content such as hate speech from entering our feeds.


Help us realize the vision.

“It’s my dream scenario to have a place where I can trust the sources and know that I can see all different points of view.”
India, Age 16

Soap Public Media is a non-profit (501c3) with a robust platform that supports a vision for bringing trusted sources, clarity and context directly to youth through the Soap app for iOS , Soap on the Web, and Soap's News Literacy Guide & Exercises for journalism, social and media literacy programs in universities & high schools.

With Soap, users get the issues first then they get a broad range of perspectives for every issue — not the noise or personalized bias inherent in “What’s Trending” in social media, or the possible slant of getting all their news from one news service.

The Soap Public Media team is experienced in journalism, education, design and technology. We combine humans with AI to insure the integrity and quality of Soap.

We need your support to realize this vision, improve the behind-the-scenes efforts and the experience of using Soap.

Please make a donation today or, if you prefer, contact us to discuss a contribution.


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