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It’s your world and your future. Soap offers an easy way to cut through the noise, hear all sides and make up your own mind.


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Issues first. Viewpoints second.

  • Use Soap to cut through the clutter. First, you’ll see the most-talked about issues. Then, relevant stories. 
  • No need to drain your brain: Soap topic bubbles put today’s issues in context for you. 
  • Soap’s the easiest way to view a spectrum of perspectives. Stories are organized by who’s sharing them: scientists, journalists, advocates, business celebrities, politicians and more. No fakes. 
  • Why trust us? We believe no one should be for sale, so we don’t violate your privacy or collect personal data. We’re in this for good.

We geek out so you don‘t have to.

“I learned that I should look at things from different perspectives and that it is important to stay informed…Would use this [Soap] instead of google to look things up.”  Amy, Age 21

As news junkies of every persuasion, we also devour as many sources as we can about ideas, issues and events. But what are we missing? We task technology to fix the challenges created by technology.

Help us realize the vision.

“It’s my dream scenario to have a place where I can trust the sources and know that I can see all different points of view.”
India, Age 16

Soap Public Media is a non-profit (501c3) with a robust platform that supports a vision for bringing trusted sources, clarity and context directly to youth through the Soap app for iOS , Soap on the Web, and Soap's News Literacy Guide & Exercises for journalism, social and media literacy programs in universities & high schools.

With Soap, users get the issues first then they get a broad range of perspectives for every issue — not the noise or personalized bias inherent in “What’s Trending” in social media, or the possible slant of getting all their news from one news service.

The Soap Public Media team is experienced in journalism, education, design and technology. We combine humans with AI to insure the integrity and quality of Soap.

We need your support to realize this vision, improve the behind-the-scenes efforts and the experience of using Soap.

Please make a donation today or, if you prefer, contact us to discuss a contribution.


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It's free. Download Soap News for iPhone & iPad. View the browser version on any device.